Saturday, April 23, 2011

Queenstown Milford Sound and Return Day 6

We woke early but very refreshed and I made coffee with the filter thing I got at REI and the Starbucks I had brought. The bus for Milford Sound picked us up at the hotel – no double seats left but we ended up by sitting next to the guy from Texas we had met on the Rotorua trip.

The trip was a long one – our goal, Milford sound is probably only 50 km from here, but mountains are in the way, so we had to go 100 km south, 75 km west, then 125 km north! The ride itself was spectacular, at first along the Lake that Queenstown is on (Wakapitu), then across by Mossford (the red deer capital) and up through Te Anua which bordered a lake of the same name.

On the boat
Roadside walk

The fiord that we took a boat ride on, Milford Sound, was full of waterfalls due to the recent rain and spectacular.

Navigating near Tasman Sea
Milford Sound

Back at the hotel we rushed to the grocery for supplies and had a salad and hummus for dinner in our room.

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