Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dunedin - Christchurch Day 9

Sam took his dad, John, Phil and me up to the Organ Pipes trail up Mt. Cargill where we looked for a geocache (Sam scrambled nd found it but we signed it, too) It was a very long up!

We went to lunch from there at the Otago Museum where many of the interactive displays were designed by Sam or his students. I had been there before and loved it even more this time.

We then went to the railroad station where we took the Naked Bus to Christchurch. If you book early enough the tickets are only $1 but I didn’t so they were about $20 each for a 250 mile trip! We got to see a lot of countryside. We had a bite to eat at a cafe in Temuka.

In Christchurch the center of town is in ruins, so the buses leave you off just outside the central zone. My friend Alison’s flat mate Julia met the bus and picked us up in Alison’s car to take us to their apartment. We stopped off at a super market and had a little ride around to see some of the damage. After she got us settled, Julia went to the pool to swim and we ate a bite. Just as we were eating a 4.1 after shock and another small one hit and really unnerved me. The rest of the night was uneventful, thank goodness.

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