Friday, August 31, 2012

San Francisco August 31, 2012

Friday August 31  Gtown-SanFrancisco

On Land's End Trail
Neither one of us slept well – waiting to get up to go to the airport.  Getting to San Francisco was really easy on JetBlue especially since we bypassed the long security line using American priority status.

The plane got to SFO early but had to circle because only one runway was open – a common occurrence in this foggy city.  Suze had circled many times in an effort to pick us up.  She got us to their house in good order.  Oh, my goodness, it is lovely.  So much room and so much light on a grey day!

We immediately went on a long walk.  Great outdoor trails and vistas are only a couple of blocks away from her apartment!  We first took a national park trail called Land’s End with panoramic views of the water and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Then we walked the other way in a VERY ritzy neighborhood called Sea Cliff.  Actually the border of Sea Cliff is just across the street from their apt. We saw what is reported to be Robin Williams house, across the street from China Beach where Suze was able to decipher the geocaching clue “Think Pink Floyd”. (The cache was in a hole in the retaining wall.)
On China Beach
From the beach we walked back passed her house to Fresh and Easy, a marvelous grocery a block away where we got fixings for lunch including their version of 2 buck Chuck – the Big Kahuna.  After lunch we took a short nap and then headed by bus to the other side of the city, the financial district.  I showed Phil where I had stayed in June, and we found a cache in a lovely park just across the street.  We met Luis in the Ferry building and with a few mis-starts, got the bus home.  Suze has either a cold or allergies so we went to CVS for medicine and then to Fresh and Easy for fixings for a late supper.  I made pasta, broccoli and salmon with a ready prepared pear salad.  Yum.

The cats seemed to like us and bugged us while in bed!

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