Monday, April 18, 2011

Auckland Day 1

Long trip. Tony met us at the airport even though we were late. It was blowing like crazy and raining and cold. Not exactly the weather we had expected. Back at Tony and Alison’s we unpacked a bit and as the weather clear some, we decided to venture out to the beach path at Pt. Chevalier . The weather held almost long enough but we got caught in a downpour and were soaked. Before venturing out again, we changed into dry clothes.

Tony dropped us off at the Auckland Museum on his way to work. The museum was quite crowded because of the school holiday, but we enjoyed the Maori exhibits, the children’s exhibits and the natural history ones. I was too tired to look at the ones about war, so we stopped to split a paninni before finding the Link bus to take us down to the Ferry Building. Much to our surprise, the Link bus gave us quite a tour around central Auckland (great view of the Sky Tower) before we got off. I sure have a better idea of the city that I had before. We wend to a shopping mall looking for a hoody for Phil (the only one he liked was $129 and he didn’t like it that much.) We found the bus back to Pt. Chevalier.
Tony heated the meal that Alison had prepared for us (schnitzel, potatoes, cauliflower and peas) and we had the pinot noir Phil and bought in Auckland. Phil went to bed and I worked on trip plans and talked to Tony and to Alison (on the phone).


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