Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Travels -- August - September 2011

Lots of small trips.

Spent early August at the cabin in North Georgia trying to stay away from the heat of an extraordinarily hot Texas summer.

First off to California for a visit with Susannah and Luis from Sept. 1-6.

The next weekend was a trip to Denver for an ACM Ed Council meeting from September 15-18. Gwyneth and the girls were in Georgetown for ACL staying with Phil while I was in New York.
Two Kiwis (Alison and Julia) and me Click here for slideshow to see all pics

Finally I was New York City for a Sig Governing Board meeting near Grand Central Station from September 22-24. I had a chance to go to the opening of the IBM Think exhibit at Lincoln Center.

My dinner plans the last evening were canceled so my friends the Murphys showed me a great time in Garden City.
Celeste andLarry

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

LittleTravels -- July

I arrived in Houston from Germany on the 4th of July -- seeing the end of the Georgetown fireworks from the highway as I drove home. I spent the 5th unpacking and packing.

Phil and I headed to the Georgia cabin on the 6th with a full car and the cats. The big rush was to get to the cabin to unload the cats and then make it to Atlanta for Chloe's 9th birthday. I took Chloe to gymnastics. While she was there, I went to look for a geocache in a neighborhood that had been on HGTV. When she was done then took the girls and their friends to Kroger to get a cake. Supper with friends at Harmony Restaurant. Back to Pine lake for cake and gifts. WE spent the night and returned to the cabin and the cats.

Gwyneth and the girls came up on the weekend and we headed for Chattanooga, stopping to see if we could spot Rob who was leading a rafting trip -- but we couldn't.
Ocoee Whitewater Link

Our goal was a a Lunch Money concert. Gwyneth had made reservations for us to stay in a railroad car at the Chattanooga ChooChoo Hotel.
Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel
Gwyneth at her Choo Choo office!

The next day we headed out for Ruby Falls tour of the cave.

Ruby Falls
At the cabin Phil spent a lot of time sawing up the tree that fell during the spring storms. We both enjoyed hiking and looking for geocaches.
Tree cutting
Toward the end of the month, I went to DC for an NSF panel, followed by my water aerobics conference -- Atlanta Mania, and Phil headed to Carver for family and the Old Home Day Bake.
Old Home Day Bake 2011 Carver Massachusetts