Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The wedding installment 1

We got up super early (4:30) to head to the airport.  Travel was pretty uneventful, thank goodness. When we got to immigration at the Grand Bahama airport there was Liz Farrell!  I realized when I went thru immigration and was asked if I had been to the Bahamas before, that the answer was yes – when I was pregnant with Suze!  She must have remembered the good times she missed out on then when she chose her wedding destination!  We rented the car without any problem and headed for the villa.  Driving on the left was much easier than I anticipated because there was no traffic.  We took Liz to our villa first before taking her to the hotel. 

Suze, Chloe, Liz and Phil

Jim and Marty were there, as were the Buteras.  The villa is just lovely!

Jim and Marty had taken the upstairs master bedroom, and I gave the downstairs one to the Buteras.  The bed in our room is so high, I had to move a chair next to it to get in it!

This bed is TOO TALL!!!!

We took Liz over to the hotel.  Later we all met up at Taino Beach for a community fish fry.  I was really tired.

Gwyneth and Marty at the fish fry

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