Thursday, April 19, 2012

The wedding installment 2

I got up early and enjoyed the sunrise.  After one cup of coffee, the coffee maker broke.  We managed to make filter drip coffee for several days.  Nat came over and showed Luis and Rob how to work the boat.  Chloe and I went out with them.  Then Rob took the girls on the jet ski.

Nat and the jetski

We decided that Gwyneth and Rob and kids should move upstairs and give the big master suite to Belle since she couldn’t manage the stairs.  The blowup mattress for the girls fit fine in the smaller room, leaving the bunk for Jessica.

Suze and Luis' hotel
Pelican Bay Hotel from boat
We took the boat over to Luis and Suze’s hotel and Phil and I got out to go see them.  They took us back to the villa so we could go pick up Belle at the airport.  We ate a pastie at the airport while waiting.  Rob and Gwyneth went all over looking for a grocery store and bought pizzas which I made for our supper.

We went over to the hotel for drinks with a lot of the guests.

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