Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The wedding installment 8

Final packing to leave for home after our first night's stay in the real master bedroom of the villa.

Master bedroom view

I made myself a chavrie omelet for breakfast. I brought the rest of the food from the fridge and Jim cleaned up a lot of the kitchen. Phil and I loaded our stuff in the car. Then we went for a neighborhood walk with Jim. When we finished loading Jim’s stuff in the car, Nat was just pulling in. It seems there was a new set of guests moving in during the afternoon. The Buteras had to rush to pack and get out.

Nat with fiance's signs
From Foursquare we learned that they used the early checkout to go back to Paradise Cove for lunch before their flight. There was quite a line at US Customs (in the Bahamas!) and Jim had an incident where his customs card got caught in his zipper! Big laugh all around. Our flights were uneventful.

Leaving Grand Bahamas

We discovered Cuban food at the Miami airport. We loved the papa rellanas and spinach empanadas – lunch for under $5! We had 3 hour layovers in both Miami and Dallas.


Lucky us that all our luggage made it safely to Austin and we were home before midnight.

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