Saturday, April 21, 2012

The wedding installment 4

The big wedding day!  Jim and I went out early to scout out where we thought the wedding might be. Jessica, Belle and I went to Butler’s to get food for the Sunday brunch.  We completely changed the menu but got it done!  I took Jessica and Danielle to the hotel to dress and have their hair done.

Then Phil, Belle and I went to the Garden of the Groves recommended to us by church friends

 We had a wonderful lunch there and returned to get ready.  Susannah wanted me to help her dress so I took Chloe with me.  We got to ride to the wedding in the limo!

Limo ride

It threatened rain and was windy but only a few sprinkles came toward the end of the ceremony.  The officiant was funny and good.  The violinist was awesome – Same processional as Gwyneth, Pachabel Canon.  Everyone looked wonderful.  What a fabulous day!  This was so perfect for Susannah and Luis.

Gwyneth took great pictures – look at them
Since I didn't get any pictures at the wedding I am including this one that has Luis in it! The first dance after the obligatory ones at the reception was YMCA!  Food was great – I got the last bit of mushroom risotto.

img-120421-59  The cake thing

Look at my wedding day pics

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