Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The wedding installment 7

The morning began with a mad rush for Rob to take Chloe and Camille snorkeling on a party boat

When they were safely off, Gwyneth, Phil, Jim, Marty and I headed off to explore the West End of the island.  We drove through many villages including 8 Mile Rock and stopped to search for a cache at Paradise Cove aka Deadman’s Reef   It was the perfect spot with very friendly owners and staff.  We searched for a while with no luck and decided to go to the end of the island and come back for lunch.

More Paradise Cove
Paradise Cove
We had to give our names to explore Old Bahama Bay Resort where we admired the yachts and had a chat with the chef from one of the yachts.  Then we drove along the water in West End.

Conch pile
 West End
Back to Paradise Cove for lunch and a stop in town at Butler’s.

Conch Fritters

Conch Fritters

Suze and Luis had come to do their wash on the way to their honeymoon at Pelican Point near the east end of the island.

Nat called to tell us about a political rally downtown that would be on TV but urged us to go see it live.  There were at least two rallies – one at which the prime minister spoke (everyone had on red shirts) and the PLP one where everyone had on yellow shirts.  Rob, G and I drove to find the rallies.  There was no parking but we did find them and saw firsthand the intense political participation on the island.  After we got home, Jim, Marty and I went for a walk.

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