Thursday, July 9, 2009

France 2009 Paris to Chambery

I got up in the middle of the night to rehang the clothes that didn't get dried in the bathroom washer/drier combo machine. Then up early to finish my diary and start cleaning up. Made a pot of coffee, took a shower and got ready to go. Gwyneth did the final kitchen clean while I cleaned the fridge.

The elevator is being refurbished, so we had to lug everything down to the RC (level O) from our 5th floor apartment. The rental agent did carry my bag which made life better. Gwyneth and I had decided to walk from out apartment to Place d'Italie where the Hertz rental car place was because we could avoid lugging out bags up and down the Metro stairs. That worked quite well. We got the car with little problem.

Stopped for sandwiches at a rest area and had more French fries ( I know -- pommes frites) than imaginable. We stopped at Vezelay-- a town Laurent told Gwyneth about. It is a world heritage site and worth. It is where the reputed relic of Mary Magdelene are enshrined. We bought a bottle (expensive!) of Laurent's family wine and a local wine as well. The kids had knock off ice cream dots.

We stopped at two playgrounds along the highway as well before wandering the area near Chambery looking for a place to stay. One of the parks had playground equipment all designed to look like different varieties of mushrooms!
We ended up next to alps in a quite lovely hotel, Hotel Pervenches outside Chambery, which is near Grenoble and not far from Geneva Switzerland.a few miles from town and went back to town for pizza, wine and salad.

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