Monday, July 20, 2009

France 2009 July 19 Vorey to Roissy

I slept like a log. It was quite chilly and my little alcove was great. We had breakfast at the hotel. Service was less than perfect, and the milk was curdled, but it was a lovely setting and we enjoyed ourselves. We walked across the little bridge where there the weekly market selling everything from cheese, chicken, mattresses and crocs. Chloe and Camille both got Crocs which we discovered smelled so chemically that we all started getting sick. Quickly the crocs went into the trunk in a plastic bag.

The scenery all the way to the superhighway at Clermont was fantastic. Lots of perched fortresses (especially liked the view of Polignac, chateaux, and panoramic views.

The highway drive soon became quite monotonous and seemed to take forever, although there wasn't too much traffic. We figure there must be a restriction on semi trucks on Sundays – there were none! We had a picnic at a rest stop that had a bouncy tent.

We arrived at the airport with our rental car driving on a very empty gas tank which we filled before returning. We had tried to get gas earlier but they were out of gasole (diesel). Traffic through Paris wasn't awful.

The bus driver to the hotel didn't help us at all with out bags but we managed. We looked out our window and saw a lovely church, cemetery and park so we decided to walk to the town. There was a path with lots of flowers and posters about beautiful places in France. While Gwyneth watched the children play in a playground, I went to a convenience store and got wine, cheese and waffle chips. We had snacks in the room before Gwyneth took the kids to the pool. I repacked my bags for the flight and ordered room service for us all. When they got back from the pool (which was gorgeous – it had colored lights which cycled from green to purple and clear) Harry Potter I was on TV in French and we ate and watched. Gwyneth and I shared a risotto and the girls shared pasta.

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