Wednesday, July 8, 2009

France 2009 Paris Day 7

I definitely used my alarm clock to get up after the cruise night! Went for baguette again, and was one of the few to get to the conference on time! Keynote was a VP of the university. I made a little thank you speech at the hand off to the next conference session and spent a lot of time talking to folks about conference and Board details.

Lunch and then back to the apartment for a little rest. I packed most of my stuff. Gwyneth and the kids had gone out touring to Cluny among other sites. Her leg bothered her more today. A ton of planes -- I mean maybe forty flew by, some guarding bigger planes. No idea what it was about.

I took the girls to the Museum of Natural History across the street. Chloe had a meltdown in the gift shop and I had her call Gwyneth for guidance on what she could buy. (She got a stuffed bat) and Camille got a French animal card game. I took them for ice cream on the corner and went to the patisserie to get a treat for Gwyneth and to the grocery for a few supplies.

Gwyneth and I tried to do a wash and didn't quite understand, so we ended up with soaking wet clothes strung all over and the windows open on a cold night to try to dry them!

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