Saturday, July 11, 2009

France 2009 July 11 Uzes to Nice

Up early this time. Stopped for breakfast in Nimes whose center was quite dismal, but there were some pleasant spots near the coliseum. Girls had hot chocolate and we had coffee, The coliseum there is used for bullfights now. We picked up a few groceries just in case we got to Nice too late.
Arena for Bullfighting in Nimes

We had intended to sight see in Arles, but got into horrendous market day traffic. It seemed as though everyone, including the perstitent window washer men, had to point out to use that our front license plate was about to fall off. A rivet had come out and every time we stopped I had tried to make it stay straight. After about 20 people pointed this out to me -- "Je sais, merci!" I sulled off on a side street in a quiet commercial area and G and I tried to fix it with dental floss. I gave up and ask a man who had come out of an auto retpair place to help me. He went back to the garage got the proper tool and fixed it! (The whole conversation was in French!). So now Arles is no long the town where Van Gogh lived, but the town where I got my license plate fixed!

Traffic from then to past Marseilles was like going to Cape Cod on a Saturday. Stop and go, wrecks, etc. The last part was much better until we got almost to the parking garage and we got in traffic so slow that it took uys an hour to get about 5 blocks. We did find the parking garage we had reserved thanks to G's fabulous navigation skills. It is about a .6 mile walk to the apartment, much on the Massena walking street.

The apartment is fabulous! Huge, modern and bright. We went out in search of groceries and then out to get the lay of the land. All of a suddenit was very noisy. A gay pride parade like the one we had seen in DC, went by the cross street just up from the apartment!
Gay Pride Parade
View from Apartment!

I heated a risotto dinner and made pizza for G and the girls. After lots of nice wine, I slept wonderfully.

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