Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17 Day 4

Once again, a very nice breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and our tour guide, Francois, picked us up. There was only one other tourist, Uli, from Germany. Francois never stops talking and his favorite subject is politics. He is hard to understand, partly because he wears the mike too close to his mouth and partly because there was a ferocious wind and the window leaked. We drove over spectaular mountain passes.

Our three stops were first at a patisserie/winery Rooiberg. Since we had eaten notlong before and the patisserie had no real seating because of a private birthday party, Phil and I elected to taste wine -- a sauvignon blanc, a chardonnay and a pinotage. I thought the sauvignon blanc was exceptionally good.


Then we drove to the Joubert-Tradauw winery, a family-owned farm for lunch. The owner was very handsome and the food, mostly from his farm was wonderfully fresh. Freshly baked breads, lentil soup, and "tapas" of chicken, root vegetables and cooked fruits. The owner poured samples of two of his wines. I enjoyed the chardonnay and had a glass.

Our host

The final tourist stop was at a wildlife park Kango Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoorn. It is a mish mash of wildlife but in nicely arranged natural areas.

Croc Teeth

We were there for the feeding of the large cats. For example, a lion was eating a mule leg complete with hoof and hide and a tiger gnawed a deer head. Ugh!

Tiger feed

We got to the hotel which does not have internet in the rooms and our room was furthest from the dining room. My foot really hurt so I complained to our guide and he got us the honeymoon suite right next to the dining room. It is a round detached building like an African hut complete with a thatched roof. Guess it pays to complain!

Round room

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