Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Big Trip -- Leg one Austin-Dallas-London

I began the day calling Spain about my hotel reservations, fighting with my scanner to copy travel documents, being very lucky in getting a Khaki sports jacket for Phil at Goodwill and a free replacement surgical shoe for me at Dr. Pietzsch.

We drove to Suze's work. Since it was Friday the 13th of course there was a wreck on Mopac, we missed the get off for Bee Caves Rd since the sign said Rollingwood and the plane from Dallas was delayed two hours. We even had a delay after we got on the plane because there was a discrepancy in the fuel amounts.

At least waiting in the Admiral's club lounge was pleasant (Except T-mobile was down, so no internet, and the wired access for Phil didn't let him see his beloved Red Sox.)

A wheel chair greeted me in Heathrow since I am really trying to avoid having a cast on my foot when I get home. We went to the very nice Admirals Club to wait. Lounge chairs that you can really sleep in and internet and quiet! Free beverages including alcohol (of which we had none). I played with my international phone. And Gwyneth mine doesn't work in Japan either.)

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