Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scotland June 24, 2007 Rain, St. Andrews and Reception

Bruce and I walked to the Hilton to meet up with Harriet. She had a great view of the Tay River. We walked around in the pouring rain trying to get a rental car, with no luck. We ended up at the bus station and were going to take a bus to Abroath that was supposed to be a nice village, but then the bus to St. Andrews came and we decided to get on it. At least we would be warm!

I had borrowed a jacket from Ramanee, the conference chair, since I had no luggage. We passed a Marks and Spencer's so I took a photo to show Phil.

We asked the bus driver where to eat when we got to St. Andrews and he said the Victoria Cafe. It had stopped raining and the restaurant was pub-like and had good food. I shared a Greek salad, wine and neeps (turnips but orange, not strong) and taties and haggis with Bruce. We then saw a butcher shop with the haggis -- I still actually like it!

We went in a small museum that was on the special garden tour and then walked through the ruins of the old cathedral and along the coast, shopping a bit and looking at St. Andrews College, the oldest college in Scotland.

We had to hurry back to the conference opening reception at the Discovery Point (ship that went to the Antarctic) Museum . Lady Strathmore welcomed us -- she is the dowager countess of the castle where the queen mother grew up. Andrew McGettrick welcomed us on behalf of the sponsor, the BCS which is having its 50th anniversary.

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