Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scotland June 26, 2007 Dundee – Glamis Castle – Dundee

After breakfast I interviewed Beth Simon in the lounge of my dorm floor. Joyce Currie Little observed. Then I interviewed Gordon Davies again to replace the one Alison had done last summer.

We got box lunches and headed out to Glamis Castle, the former home of the Dowager Countess Lady Mary Strathmore. She greeted us at the door and gave a wonderful welcome in the formal dining room. In the library there was a trophy turkey that had been shot in South Texas in 1991! Sue F. and Kate Deibel and I walked the beautiful grounds and ended up seeing the Highland Cattle.

The bus driver allowed us to go back to our rooms and then took us to the reception at the University. There was an excellent interactive performance on accessibility issues in web design. I found two people willing to go geocaching with me to the top of Dundee Law. It was a stiff hike up mostly on pedestrian staircases. The view from the top was awesome, as it was just sunset. We got back just as it got dark – 10:30 pm. I sat with Eric and Lauren while she translated French poetry with our help and that of Babelfish! I introduced Eric to IrnBru.

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