Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Barb's Trip to India Day 2

Tuesday February 11 Gurgaon -
Amardeep went to work and the driver came back to take me to the Sultanpur  National Park to look for birds but first we looked for two geocaches.  We finally found one near the Crowne Plaza Hotel!  Whew!  The one near a coffee shop must have been behind a bunch of boxes and cartons.

The drive out to Sultanpur was wild.  The roads were rough, Gurgaon even had a guy herding sheep across traffic and then the villages we passed through were very poor. I saw some people carrying wet cement on their heads to a construction site.

When we got to the Park, it was closed on Tuesdays.  Sant Lal asked me if I wanted to go to a different park and took off on a dirt side road to a Hindu Temple that was in the middle of nowhere.  We walked into the courtyard of the temple that had a big white horse statue and I was surprised when Sant Lal didn’t lead me to the temple but to a gate in the back where he talked to some men and then led me out into a field.  I was stunned to see tons of birds – mostly water birds like herons and stilts and ibises.  I had Sant Lal go back to the car and get my .binocs and water.  We traipsed through mud along dikes and saw cranes, painted stork, lots of geese including bar headed, cows with cattle egrets.  It was fantastic! I think the place was called Dhankot.

Sant Lal returned me to Amardeep’s where I cleaned up a bit and then we headed into town to pick up Amardeep and we went to her favorite restaurant, Caf√© Diva in a small, upscale shopping center.  She had risotto and I had Roadside food of Goa.  We got back to Amardeep’s at 10:30.

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