Monday, February 10, 2014

Barb's Trip to India Day 1

Monday February 10 Delhi (Gurgaon) India
The plane was on time but it took a long time to get through immigration (although it was shortened by an official that moved a few of us to the Indian passport line.)  Then I had to wait a long time for my suitcase.  Amardeep and her driver, Sankt Lall were there to meet me—Amardeep at the exit and Sankt Lall brought up the car.  We drove to her apartment in Gurgaon, arriving at about 3:30 am.  Amardeep went to work and I rode along with her driver, who took me sightseeing and geocaching,  Our first stop was a small park, Lado Sarai.  Our next stop was Hauz Khas Village where we looked for a geocache.  It was a beautiful park and we actually walked over a mile to go .1 mile before we found the entrance to an archeological park with Sultan tomb ruins.  We looked for a cache in one of the rooms of the ruins  but couldn’t find it.  After we explored the ruins, we headed to Deer Park which did have a ton  of deer.  We walked around the lake below the ruins and looked for another cache unsuccessfully but saw monkeys and birds.

The next stop was the lovely Lodhi gardens where I ate my lunch near some ruins (Bada Gumbad Mosque and Tomb). The we walked around the whole Park  Lodhi Gardens where I tried to solve a puzzle cache.  I found all the caches but I think I made a math error and was too tired to finish.   The driver left me off at the Sheraton where the guard opened the car trunk and I had to go through a metal detector.  I walked into the hotel like I knew what I was doing (actually I wanted he bathroom) and went to the bar for coffee which I nursed until Amardeep joined me from her work across the street.  We were back in Gurgaon by 9 and ate the lovely meal that Amardeep’s cook had made, but not to bed to midnight.

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