Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 12 to 14 Auckland

July 12

Lesley and Sam took me to the airport. Early flight to Auckland was uneventful except that Air New Zealand told me I had two reservations for the same flight. I fixed that when I got to Auckland.

Alison picked me up and we went grocery shopping. Her friend Gail and Colin brought their two-year olds to spend the night. Alison's daughter Donelle brought her kids for supper as well. I went with Tony to take Don Gotterbarn to the airport, and then Alison put on a very big 4 course meal.

July 13

Alison took me to Unitec where I gave a lecture to a group of PhD students in Donald Joyce's class.
She picked me up later and we went with the twins to an 86th birthday party for her father in Pukekohe.
View of valley around Pukekohe
Twins with Alison's Dad's mobility scooters
We then went to her father's where we picked up his car for Alison. We took the twins back to Alison's and fed them dinner as well.

After wine and leftovers I went to bed.

July 14

I worked on my expense account and packed. Tony and I went for a walk.

2008-07-14 Pt. Chevalier

Alison came and we had lunch. She left me off at the airport and I found my plane was very late.
2008-07-14Alison's New Car
I changed thanks to Skype and will fly Air New Zealand.

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