Tuesday, September 4, 2012

San Francisco - Georgetown Tuesday September 4

Turtle sundial at deYoung
Luis had to go to work but Suze took the day off to be with us.  She began doing wash and cleaning up.  We eventually walked to Golden Gate Park through the neighborhoods.  I had too much coffee and was thrilled to find a construction port-o-potty on the sidewalk!
Suze and a great blue GG Park

We found a couple of geocaches (actually Suze spotted both of them) in the park.  Our goal was the free museum day at the de Young Art Museum in the eastern part of the park.  We did go in but only to enter the sculpture garden which was amazing.  We could have spent days in the two museums and gardens around them.  Another time, I hope.

We took two buses back to the apt. for a lunch of leftovers and final packing.  Suze found pictures for me to use in a newspaper wedding announcement.

Suze backing from their garage
We got in the car to go to the airport but I talked Suze in to driving by China Beach for a last look at the water and the bottom of the fogged in bridge. We saw the sun finally at the airport! We picked up sourdough bread for the Hulshizers in the airport and had an uneventful flight home.

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