Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rebooting Computing

I had the opportunity to attend a conference run by Peter Denning, distinguished professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, and tirelesws crusader for computer science education. Over 240 computer professionals, including many from industry, K-12, and academia.

There may have been too many voices there, but it was exciting to be in the company of such august and brilliant folks. I know by naming names I slight some. Forgive me.

Rebooting 3
Barb, Steve Cooper and Wanda Dann

A panel that included Fran Allen, Alan Kay, Peter Denning and Vint Cerf discussed the Summit and ideas for computing education.

I gave at talk at Mills College on the Computing Educators Oral History Project.
Sandra Greer, Danielle Brown Stapleton, Michael Ngyuen, Barb, John Buchanan, James Prentice and Katherine Mood Gyorfi

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